EZ Boatport

When you’re done with your day on the water, just gently drive up onto your EZ BoatPort and you’ll be lifted high and dry out of the water. Then step out on a stable, floating platform and walk ashore.

Getting in the water is just as simple—lower the motor into the water, back off, and away you go.

Have multiple boats or PWCs? Your EZ Dock can be configured to fit them all!

Other features:

  • no winching, cranking, or hoisting required
  • holds up to 2268 kg (5,000 lbs) (air assist options available for heavier boats)
  • changeable bunks can accommodate flat-bottoms to deep Vs (skiffs, fishing boats, jet boats)
  • works in shallow water—as little as 0.6 m (2 ft.)

Personalize yours by adding:

  • side extensions for more walk-around room
  • extra keel rollers for longer boats
  • front cleat to secure your boat to port

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